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10/02/2023 SOURCE:

Syrian Beekeepers Battle Both War and Climate Change

Syrian beekeeper Ibrahim Damiriya struggles to produce honey from his hives on parched land near the capital Damascus after years of war, economic collapse and worsening climate change impacts. "The war bled us dry. We could barely keep our beekeeping business afloat, and then the insane weather made things worse," the 62-year-old in a beekeeping suit told AFP as he examined meagre honey stocks inside the hives. Before Syria's conflict erupted in 2011, Damiriya owned 110 hives in Rankus, a village near Damascus that was once filled with apple orchards.

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06/02/2023 SOURCE:

Pakistanis keen to brace Chinese technology to support beekeeping business

A man shows a beehive frame at a research farm in the Chakwal district of Punjab province, Pakistan, April 11, 2023. (Xinhua/Ahmad Kamal) A Pakistani university team is working to introduce a Chinese method for producing royal jelly in honey bee hives to make beekeeping a profitable venture for the country. by Misbah Saba Malik RAWALPINDI, Pakistan, June 1 (Xinhua) -- On a sunny morning in Pakistan's east Chakwal district, Ali Raza, an...

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